Empowering Change: Melissa Watts’ Journey in the Beauty and Entrepreneurship Space

Melissa Watts: Pioneering Beauty and Humanitarian Work

From the moment Melissa Watts embarked on her entrepreneurial journey, her motto, “life is short, change the world,” has guided her actions and ambitions. This driving force led her to found The Lash Bar & hello darling pro, businesses that not only excel in the beauty industry but also fund significant humanitarian efforts globally.

Building a Business with Passion and Purpose

Melissa’s entrepreneurial path began with a personal experience—getting her lashes done at various salons. Keeping track of what she loved and didn’t, Melissa envisioned a top-tier space in the beauty industry. After clinching the title for best lashes in 2014, she expanded from a home-based business to a retail location. Despite the challenges, including legislative changes that temporarily shuttered her business, Melissa’s resilience shone through. She quickly adapted, rebuilding her team and business from the ground up, now with a greater focus on empowering women both as clients and team members.

Her success isn’t just measured by business growth but also by its impact. Notably, her initiatives include funding a feeding program in Zambia and building houses in Mexico, embodying her belief in making a global difference.

Navigating Challenges with Innovative Solutions

Being Melissa Watts involves daily challenges, but Melissa’s quick problem-solving and system creation smooth out many bumps. Each obstacle is a step towards refining her business operations, ensuring The Lash Bar & hello darling pro not only survive but thrive.

One significant pivot in her journey came with Utah’s changing licensing requirements for lash services. Melissa responded by developing a curriculum to offer necessary certifications, thereby staying ahead in the industry and supporting her team’s professional growth.

Future Visions: Expansion and Empowerment

Looking ahead, Melissa plans to expand her business footprint. The introduction of her professional product line, including a unique lash serum, sets the stage for further growth and potential franchising. Moreover, her commitment to personal development and business coaching illustrates her dedication to nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs.

Melissa’s Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

For those looking to venture into entrepreneurship, Melissa emphasizes clarity in one’s purpose. Understanding your ‘why’ is crucial for perseverance and success. She encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to stay committed to their vision, especially during tough times.

Balancing Life and Leadership

Transitioning to a lifestyle that supports both professional success and personal well-being, Melissa now embraces a more balanced approach, integrating yoga and mindful practices to enhance her leadership style. This evolution from a high-energy, constant ‘fight or flight’ mode to one of calm and creativity marks a significant shift in her approach to both life and business management.

Engagement and Contribution to the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Melissa’s involvement with networks like EO and the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses program highlights her commitment to the entrepreneurial community. Her mentorship efforts extend locally and globally, further demonstrating her impact beyond her business.

Melissa Watts’ journey as an entrepreneur is a testament to her resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to making a difference. Her story is not just about beauty services but about inspiring and empowering individuals and communities worldwide.

Discover more about Melissa and her ventures at The Lash Bar and hello darling pro. Connect with her on Instagram to stay updated with her latest projects and insights.

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