Embracing the Mysteries of Life: SiNns and His Musical Journey for Truth

Independent artist SiNns weaves a tapestry of deep emotions and thought-provoking themes through his music, inviting listeners to explore their own inner journeys. With a new single, “Zero,” set for release on April 14th, 2023, SiNns continues his exploration of spiritual concepts, this time focusing on reincarnation and the idea of returning to nothingness before embarking on a new life.

SiNns’ passion for music began in his youth, playing various instruments and eventually picking up the electric guitar at the age of 15. His experiences with different projects and bands led him to create his own independent project, SiNns, in 2018. Collaborating with long-time friend and producer Tanner Heggy (Everscape), the duo has forged a strong musical bond, characterized by their mutual love for creativity and experimentation.

Lyrically, SiNns delves into personal esoteric experiences, crafting cryptic narratives that encourage listeners to interpret and find their own meanings. His goal is to inspire people to question their beliefs and discover new ideas, feelings, and spiritual paths through his art.

Having faced significant mental health challenges in the past, SiNns emerged stronger and more dedicated to his music, using it as a powerful tool for healing and self-expression. His journey has led him to create timeless compositions that are deeply personal and reflective of his growth.

SiNns’ success as a musician is measured not only by his creative output but also by the relationships he has formed with fellow artists and collaborators. Working with talented creatives such as Tanner Heggy (Everscape) and his music video director, David Spine (R3X Wonders), SiNns is grateful for the trust and belief others have shown in his work.

With influences ranging from rock to jazz and electronic music, SiNns is inspired by a diverse array of artists and vocalists, including Maynard James Keenan, Serj Tankian, Brandon Boyd, Kurt Elling, Massive Attack, Tycho, James Blake and many more.

As SiNns prepares to release more singles and a new music video in the coming months, fans can expect to be taken on a profound journey of self-discovery, guided by the enigmatic and heartfelt music of this introspective artist. You can keep up with SiNns on Instagram and follow along with his music on Spotify.

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