Drew Haynes: From Small Town Entrepreneur to Real Estate Mogul

Drew Haynes has taken an unconventional path to real estate investing success. As a young child, Drew Haynes displayed his entrepreneurial talents early on by drawing pictures to sell to neighbors and buying bubble gum in bulk to resell at school.

His humble small-town upbringing taught him the value of hard work, as he spent his youth mowing lawns, shoveling driveways, and even digging up roots to earn cash.

Drew Haynes had always envisioned himself as a business owner and obtained his bail bonds license at 21 to start his own company. He spent over a decade dabbling in various small businesses like heating/cooling and construction.

An unexpected conversation with a banker friend shifted his focus to real estate investing. Intrigued about the idea of building passive income through rental properties, Drew Haynes voraciously read books and watched YouTube videos to educate himself on the industry.

Armed with motivation but no extra capital, Drew Haynes got creative when he discovered a homeowner looking to sell a fully paid-off house before moving out of state.

He convinced the seller to do a rent-to-own deal, where Drew Haynes would rent the home for a year with the option to purchase it through refinancing at the end of the term.

During that year, Drew Haynes invested sweat equity to renovate and increase the value of the home. The risk paid off when the appraisal value at refinancing was significantly higher than the original purchase price – netting Drew Haynes over $4,000 at closing. Energized by this success, he continued seeking more rent-to-own deals to build his portfolio.

Over the next few years, Drew Haynes aggressively scaled his rental property empire to include “several million worth of properties across two different states.”

He credits his rapid growth to leveraging expertise from his construction background to identify and improve distressed homes in small rural markets.

Drew Haynes has recently expanded into online personal branding to share his real estate investing knowledge. When asked about plans for the future, he states, “In the next few years, I plan on buying 200 to 300 more rental units! Some vacation homes across America. My dream is to eventually be on stage speaking and showing people how to do this and getting their minds right to do it!”

With unstoppable drive and a penchant for creativity, this small-town entrepreneur-turned-real estate mogul serves as an inspiration for others to think big and manifest their dreams into reality.

Overcoming Obstacles and Following Your Vision

While Drew Drew Haynes makes real estate investing look easy, he is the first to admit it hasn’t always been a smooth journey.

In the early stages, his lack of knowledge and experience were constant obstacles. However, Drew Haynes took personal responsibility to educate himself instead of making excuses.

“Not having the money or the knowledge…I overcame them by having the desire and the willpower to do it!” he asserts. Drew Haynes voraciously absorbed information from books, and YouTube videos, and picked the brains of other investors he met along the way. He credits this mindset of perseverance with his ability to push past overwhelm and self-doubt as a beginner.

In addition to knowledge gaps, finding funding to scale his rentals was incredibly difficult at first. Drew Haynes recounts needing to get creative to make things work: “The time to buy real estate is always now – it doesn’t matter if there’s an up market, down market, or a sideways market.

Just start! Interest rates were high when I started. Don’t worry about interest rates, make your deal work with the current interest rates!”

Rather than waiting for perfect conditions, the key is taking action now and making the most of what the current market has to offer. Drew Haynes demonstrates this adaptable perspective has allowed him to thrive across varying economic landscapes.

Most importantly, Drew Haynes credits the intentional cultivation of empowering beliefs for his success. In his words, “Mindset is everything. Desire outweighs it all!” He emphasizes that cultivating an abundance and growth-oriented mindset is foundational.

Drew Haynes explains that your beliefs ultimately shape your actions, results, and overall destiny. “There are all kinds of free information out there in today’s world and technology. Learn what you don’t know! And don’t worry about learning it all sometimes you learn by doing!” he urges.

Paying it Forward: Drew Haynes’ Mission to Lift Others

After achieving tremendous investing success, Drew Haynes has turned his focus to helping others replicate his non-traditional path to real estate riches. He understands that while knowledge and skills can be learned, mindset transformation often requires support.

Drew Haynes now sees it as his mission to mentor beginning investors on cultivating the beliefs, habits, and behaviors that facilitate wealth.

While Drew Haynes credits education through books and YouTube for giving him the tactical tools, he believes mentorship is key for confronting deeply rooted mental barriers.

“There’s all kinds of free information out there in today’s world and technology. Learn what you don’t know! And don’t worry about learning it all sometimes you learn by doing!” he declares.

However, Drew Haynes also knows from experience that self-limiting doubts and fears around money can be extremely difficult to overcome alone. Having a guide who has been in your shoes to provide encouragement and accountability makes all the difference.

Looking back, Drew Haynes wishes he had a mentor when he was first starting: “I mainly just want to grow my brand and my brand so I can help others achieve the same type of success that I have. I want to help them overcome their obstacles to accomplish their real estate investing goals.”

The centerpiece of his burgeoning coaching practice is mindset transformation. Drew Haynes works with students to dig into their conscious and unconscious beliefs around wealth, acknowledges their fears without judgment, and guides them through processes to adopt empowering money mindsets.

He also provides nuts and bolts education around deal analysis, marketing, systems, and other vital areas – drawing from his own trial and error experiences of what works.

However, Drew Haynes emphasizes that knowledge alone will only get you so far if the self-sabotaging thoughts in your head remain unchanged.

As his profile continues rising, Drew Haynes remains committed to accessible education and mentorship. “My dream is to eventually be on stages speaking and showing people how to do this and getting their mind right to do it!” he shares when discussing the future.

No matter how high he climbs, Drew Haynes plans to reach back to lift others down the mountain with him.

By leading with faith in himself instead of fear or scarcity, Drew Haynes is a model for the incredible heights one can reach through dedication, education, and an unstoppable mindset. He hopes his story can awaken this potential in others.

As Drew Haynes continues exponentially growing his real estate empire, be on the lookout for his future training programs designed to guide others down the path of financial freedom.

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