Dignity Coconuts is Offering a 15% Discount This National Coconut Day!

Dignity Coconuts offers a 24-hour 15% discount on their product to celebrate National Coconut Day this June.

WHO: Dignity Coconuts is a brand dedicated to creating a positive social impact in the coconut industry. By providing fair wages and career opportunities, they empower locals and combat financial insecurity in the region. Their mission goes beyond economic empowerment, as they actively work to train farmers, educate employees, provide clean water to the community, and ultimately, eradicate modern-day slavery and human trafficking in the coconut industry. The goal is to build a more ethical and sustainable future.

WHAT: In line with the upcoming National Coconut Day this June, Dignity Coconuts offers a 15% discount on their products for 24 hours. 

WHEN: Dignity Coconuts discount is available starting June 26, 2023, and the offer is available for 24 hours.

WHERE: Available on the Dignity Coconuts website starting Monday, June 12.

WHY: By purchasing products from Dignity Coconuts, customers help in ending the modern slavery of coconut farmers in the Philippines. These farmers fall victim to predatory and deceptive loans that trap their families in extreme poverty for generations. To date, Dignity Coconuts has helped 156 families escape slavery and poverty and has given 114 people get good jobs at their manufacturing plants where they also get continuing education and life-skills training. With the help of Dignity Coconuts, the community has received multiple medical clinics for thousands at a time, as well as dental clinics. They have given clean water to over 100 families and, after typhoons and COVID, 336 homes were rebuilt and relief goods and financial assistance were provided to farmers who lost crops. Through this sale, the brand is giving more people the opportunity to take part in their mission. As customers increase, DIgnity Coconuts is able to increase its impact.

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