Dennis Jenkins on How Businesses Can Keep Their Doors Open

The last two years have been difficult for many business owners, but it doesn’t have to stay this way. With the proper pivots and strategies built for this odd time in history, businesses can not only survive but thrive.

Dennis Jenkins is a real estate investor, a father, and founder of a national facilities management company. His current ventures started as an answer to his own needs, now, he has turned it into a thriving multi-million dollar business. Currently through his company, Executive Commercial Services, Dennis Jenkins services businesses across the United States. 

Dennis Jenkins is well ahead of his years. At the age of twenty-three, he started working for his family’s real estate development company. He was a natural. Helping to run the business, build connections, and developing his skills in managing a business, he earned good money and lived a comfortable life. “I was making pretty good money, working with my family, you can’t really beat it.” Some may have been content with their success, but Jenkins was ready to take the next step. He had saved up a sizable amount of cash and was able to purchase his first commercial property. He heard from other property owners that you should hire a facilities management company to handle your property. “I didn’t want to clean the building or handle internet outages, so I hired a company.” He actually hired several companies. After realizing that not all management companies are created equal. “After several unsatisfactory experiences, I decided to spend the time and money I was giving them on managing my own properties. Over the next few years, he developed a good system for managing his properties – he had added a few properties to his portfolio during that time.

In the following years, he turned his attention from real estate to growing his new company – Executive Commercial Services. Designed to answer a business’s full deck of needs, Jenkins saw success very quickly. Over the last few years, he has scaled his necessary venture into a $70,000,000 enterprise. One of his reasons for his success is his methods. Based on his own experiences, he realized that a facilities management company can and should offer much more than was on the market.

Most companies look at your current needs and how they can answer them, we look to the future.” He views his clients as partners. Rather than just providing them services, he also helps to plan for future growth and expansion. If he is working with a hotel with 230 rooms, he will plan and strategize how to grow to 500 rooms. The beauty of this? When their business grows; his business grows. The second reason for his growth is his ability to build infrastructure. To Jenkins, building the right systems to grow and finding the right people to run those systems is necessary to any endeavor. “Luckily for me, I had a lot of connections in the service industry. I knew people and knew how to spot a good worker.”

Under his direction, his company has become the perfect resource for anyone looking for a company to manage their commercial property. Already spreading from his home of Florida into Georgia, Texas, and several other states, Jenkins has eyes set on growing even more. “My goal for 2022, is to triple our revenue.”

To learn more about Dennis and Executive Commercial Services , visit his website at Executive Commercial Cleaning

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