Decentralized Triumph: Global’s Groundbreaking Achievement in Crowdfunding Global, a groundbreaking decentralized crowdfunding community and platform, has set remarkable milestones in the web 3.0 space with the successful completion of its inaugural project. This achievement solidifies’s position as a disruptor in the ever-evolving blockchain technology industry, offering real-world solutions.


The journey of Global has been a remarkable one, marked by extraordinary accomplishments. Over 220,000 wallets actively participated in the Crowdfunding Smart Contract, underscoring the widespread trust and enthusiasm surrounding the company’s vision and technological prowess. This extensive engagement is further highlighted by the record of over 2 million transactions on the Smart Contract, a testament to the vibrant and active community. Global’s financial achievements speak volumes about its success and effectiveness in today’s decentralized landscape. The project has achieved the distinction of completing the largest equity crowdfunding campaign globally, all with its very first project, supporting the fintech company Endotech in developing a new AI trading system.’s achievement not only showcases the high level of investor confidence but also cements the company’s leading position in the market.


The prowess of is further evidenced by the substantial profits it has generated, emphasizing the efficiency and effectiveness of its AI trading algorithms and team. From the outset, the mission was clear: to create a decentralized crowdfunding platform where every contributor shares in the success with profits, equity, and income. This audacious goal has now become a reality. has successfully realized its initial vision by engaging in live trading with AI development. This achievement signifies not only the company’s robust financial health but also its commitment to ongoing innovation and growth in the AI trading sector. The substantial investment in live trading reflects a confident stride towards future advancements and sustained growth in AI trading.


The success of’s first project is a testament to a community of visionary leaders who embrace innovation, demonstrate strong leadership, and possess a deep understanding of emerging markets. With this record-breaking project now completed, one can only imagine the trajectory of this community’s future endeavors. The sky is the limit for Global as it continues to redefine the future of decentralized crowdfunding and blockchain technology.

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