Clint Fester: Becomes The First Forex Trader To Give Trade Setups For FREE!

Forex Trader Clint Fester, originally from South Africa and now residing in Dubai, has gained popularity in the trading community with his service called FestX Trade Setups. The exciting news for aspiring traders is that Clint’s service is now available for free.

Clint Fester’s journey into the world of forex trading began when he stumbled upon it during a dinner conversation with a friend. Intrigued by the potential profits and the ability to trade from a cellphone, he delved into the world of forex, immersing himself in educational videos and tutorials. However, his initial attempts at trading were met with failure, leading him to seek out mentors and courses to enhance his skills.

After undergoing training with various institutes and companies, Clint’s trading started to improve, and he experienced consistent profits. Determined to master his craft, he dedicated countless hours to backtesting and refining his strategies. Gradually, he became a profitable trader, enabling him to support his family and fulfill dreams he once thought were unattainable.

Driven by his passion for trading, Clint began sharing his knowledge through personal mentorship courses. Within months, his student base grew rapidly, with a 100% success rate among his students. This unexpected turn of events led to the birth of FestX, Clint’s trading education platform.

FestX Trade Setups is the flagship service offered by Clint Fester. Through this platform, Clint analyzes the forex market on a daily basis, identifying the best trade setups for his community. Traders gain access to short-term and long-term trade recommendations across various forex pairs. Some of Clint’s past trade setups have resulted in substantial profits exceeding 12,000 pips in a 4 day period.

To access FestX Trade Setups for free, interested individuals can visit the website provided ( By joining the FestX Trading Room Group, traders can benefit from Clint’s expertise and insights, allowing them to potentially earn a full-time income on a part-time basis.

Clint Fester’s journey from a curious novice to a successful full-time trader and mentor is an inspiration to many aspiring forex traders. With his service, Trade FestX Trade Setups, now being offered for free, individuals have a valuable opportunity to learn from Clint’s experience and potentially achieve their own trading success.

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