City Swipes: Ditch the Stress, Embrace the Mess

Tired of the daily grind? Feeling overwhelmed by stress? City Swipes, a vibrant fluid art studio nestled near Wall Street, offers a colorful escape for everyone, regardless of artistic experience.

Founded by Carri Louise Degenhardt, a former Wall Street executive turned art enthusiast, City Swipes serves as a sanctuary for those seeking a creative outlet and a break from the mundane. Degenhardt is a firm believer in the transformative power of art to heal, inspire, and infuse joy into our lives.

At City Swipes, fluid art is presented as a fun and accessible way for people to unwind, explore their creativity, and reconnect with their inner child. The emphasis here is not on creating perfect art but on enjoying the process of letting go, experimenting with colors, and indulging in the sheer joy of creation.

The studio offers a diverse range of workshops and classes tailored to all skill levels. Beginners can attend introductory sessions to learn the basics of acrylic pouring, while more experienced artists can explore advanced techniques to refine their craft. Each participant, armed with an array of tools and guided by expert instructors, has the opportunity to create their own distinctive masterpieces.

City Swipes attracts a wide array of visitors, from families enjoying a creative outing to couples on memorable date nights and friends seeking a unique activity. The welcoming atmosphere ensures that everyone, from young children to older adults, finds a comfortable space to express themselves.

Beyond the immediate joy of creating art, the benefits of fluid art are profound. Regular participants often report a significant reduction in stress levels and an increase in relaxation. Furthermore, engaging in fluid art has encouraged many to develop innovative problem-solving skills and approach life’s challenges with a fresh, open-minded perspective.

“Fluid art is like meditation therapy for me,” says one participant who finds fluid art to provide a rare moment where they can shut off their brain and be in the moment.

Degenhardt wants City Swipes to be a place where people feel supported and inspired. For those looking for a fun and creative way to de-stress, explore their inner artist, and connect with a community of like-minded individuals, City Swipes is the perfect destination. Ditch the stress, embrace the mess, and let the colors flow!

Carri’s fluid art creations and other inspired products are available for collectors at her gallery: Furthermore, her personal creations are making their way into galleries and boutiques throughout the North East. 

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