Uncovered: Empowering Citizen Detectives to Solve Cold Cases

Dawning a New Era in Cold Case Investigations: The Uncovered Initiative

Uncovered, a groundbreaking non-profit organization, is reshaping how unsolved cold cases are approached by leveraging the power of collective effort. Founded by true crime enthusiast Jim Brown, Uncovered aims to deliver closure to families of missing or murdered individuals by creating a hub for citizen detectives to share information, resources, and expertise.


Uncovered: A Vision for Collective Crime-Solving Impact

In a world where countless cold cases remain unsolved, Uncovered steps in as a beacon of hope. “We firmly believe in the untapped potential within the true crime community. Our mission at Uncovered is to channel this potential in a coordinated, efficient, and effective manner, contributing significantly to solving cold cases,” explains Jim Brown, founder of Uncovered.

Uncovered offers a suite of resources designed to assist citizen detectives. Among these are a comprehensive database of cold cases, a discussion forum that fosters collaboration, and a dedicated team of experienced professionals providing guidance.

The organization also hosts an array of training courses and workshops. These are designed to equip interested individuals with the necessary skills to contribute as effective citizen detectives, reinforcing the collaborative approach Uncovered champions.

Above all, Uncovered values the impact and importance of their work. “We strive to create a supportive environment where citizens feel safe and encouraged to contribute towards solving cold cases. Our ultimate aim is to bring peace to the families and make a tangible difference in our community,” says Brown.


Key Tools and Strategies: How Uncovered is Empowering Citizen Detectives

Uncovered’s unique platform allows citizen detectives to convene, collaborate and share vital information and resources. This virtual meeting place is a space where individuals can unite over a common goal: solving cold cases.

Their database of cold cases, meticulously organized and searchable by location, victim characteristics, and other factors, is a treasure trove of information for citizen detectives.

Furthering its mission to educate and empower, Uncovered provides a range of training courses and workshops. From understanding the basics of investigations to delving into advanced techniques, these courses equip participants with skills that can make a difference in unresolved cases.

Uncovered’s team of experts are always ready to provide guidance, supplementing the efforts of citizen detectives and ensuring they have the right direction and support.

Additionally, Uncovered is committed to raising awareness about cold cases, inspiring more people to get involved in solving them, and highlighting the importance of community involvement in these efforts.


A Testimonial to the Collective Effort: The Kendrick Johnson Case

One case that exemplifies the importance of the work Uncovered does is that of Kendrick Johnson, a 17-year-old high school student from Valdosta, Georgia. Kendrick was found dead in a rolled-up gym mat at his school in 2013. Initial investigations ruled the death accidental, suggesting he had become trapped in the mat while reaching for a shoe. However, many, including Kendrick’s family, have questioned this conclusion due to various irregularities, turning this into a much-debated cold case. 

Through Uncovered’s platform, citizen detectives can access the details of Kendrick’s case, pool resources, and share insights. They can delve into discussions about the curious videotape evidence or the disputed autopsy reports. This collaborative approach can uncover new leads, breathe new life into the investigation, and potentially bring closure to Kendrick’s family. 

Uncovered’s provision of resources, platform, and training becomes especially relevant when confronted with such complex cases.


Your Chance to Make a Difference: Join the Uncovered Movement

Interested in contributing to this remarkable cause? Ready to take a step towards becoming a citizen detective? Join the community to learn more. Together, we can make a difference and bring justice to families longing for answers.

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