Chris Avila: Sports Chaplain Looks To Impact Next Generation

Chris Avila has served as a sports chaplain for most of his life. Working with NFL teams, Colleges, and professional Boxers, he has had the ability to help shape the life of many young athletes for over twenty years. Currently, still serving as a chaplain with Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Chris has a new goal – to reach the forty million young adults with a message of purpose and passion. In his new book Two Minute Warning: Time to Fight for What Matters Most, he details his experiences as a chaplain and draws strong comparisons from sports to everyday life.

Sports have always been a major part of Chris’s life. He credits his mom for his love of sports. “My mom put me in every single sport she could to keep me out of trouble.” and it worked. When he was eleven years old, his mom passed away, but he kept up with his sports. It gave him an avenue to release energy and stay focused on what mattered. Six years later, he was given an awesome opportunity to work as a chaplain with the Oakland Raiders. He didn’t know it then, but he had just found his life calling. He would work with the Raiders for twelve years before moving on to a different team. “It was an amazing time of growth. Honestly, I was a 49ers fan, but it was incredible to build relationships with the players and see how their life improved on and off the field.”

Over the next few years, he would work with several different organizations but his mission remained the same – to help athletes be the best version of themselves. As he told one coach who questioned his role and helping the team win, “Humans are spiritual and physical. You work on the physical and I work on the spiritual. Without me, you have an incomplete player.” Behind the success, the talent, and the love of the game, Chris noticed that all athletes have the same need – to find a deeper purpose in life than just sports. That’s why he decided to write his book. 

Two Minute Warning: Time to Fight for What Matters Most addresses the common themes that Chris has taught for over 20 years,  Faith, Gifts/Abilities, Purity, Approval and Forgiveness. “Life is just like the final two minutes of a game. Time is running out and you have to make the right decisions now if you want to win.” Regardless of your background, the takeaways from this book are real and practical. Find a higher purpose in life, grow your relationships, be faithful, and learn to forgive. 

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