Chef Porter: Serving Up Beats and Bites in a Culinary-Musical Fusion

(New York, NY) – Hailing from the vibrant streets of The Bronx, Chef Ed Porter has been known to the world as a culinary maestro, but his melody extends far beyond the kitchen. In a reveal that marries his passion for flavors with sound, Chef Porter is introducing his latest album, “de zéro,” a project that seamlessly blends his artistry as a celebrity chef with his soulful musical endeavors.

Porter, an independent artist, has a unique approach to music, viewing it through the lens of a chef – it’s all about the ingredients. The sounds of New York City have been the main influence on his creative process, shaping an honest, emotional, and thought-provoking style that resonates with listeners.

“de zéro” is more than just an album; it’s a sensory experience that Porter has crafted alongside collaborators like CLCII and Grammy-nominated producer Mark Byrd, with A&R direction from PRO Welton & CREATE.Digital Music. This album is a 30-year journey encapsulated in rhythm and beats, promising to offer a taste of his music to savor.

Chef Porter’s musical journey has not been without its challenges. Juggling roles between the kitchen and the recording studio, he had nearly left music behind for a decade. Yet, the creative fire never ceased, as music is essential for his soul.

Looking ahead, Chef Porter is setting the stage for “The de zéro Experience,” an upcoming series of events that pair each song from the album with a culinary creation, crafting a multisensory narrative through Music, Food, and Visual artistry.

Listeners can find Chef Porter’s album on Spotify and follow his culinary and musical journey on Instagram.

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