Celebrating Unity and Patriotism: Flag Day With Influencers and Celebrities at Trump Tower

New York, NY / June 14th 2024 / This Flag Day, entrepreneur David Williams, along with a group of influential figures, celebrities and business owners, will host a powerful event in front of Trump Tower to celebrate the American flag and promote national unity. This event aims to capture hearts and minds, reminding us all of the importance of standing together as one nation under God.

Event Details:

Date: Flag Day, June 14th 2024

Location: In front of Trump Tower, New York, NY

Time: 10am to 6pm

Features: Four billboard trucks displaying videos on a continuous loop


David Williams, a serial entrepreneur who has lived the American dream, overcame significant challenges and adversity through faith and hard work. Growing up in a family with a strong military background—both his father and grandfather served—David was raised with deep patriotism and respect for the American flag. He believes that now, more than ever, our country needs to come together and remember the values that unite us.

“I grew up in America, living the American dream. Despite facing numerous challenges, I was able to create a life that took me from barely surviving to thriving through entrepreneurship,” said David Williams. “My grandfather and father served in the military, and I was raised to be very patriotic. I feel that right now, our country is more divided than ever.”

In a bid to promote unity and the importance of the American flag, David Williams is organizing an event featuring four billboard trucks displaying videos from prominent influencers and celebrities, including Coffey Anderson, Tomi Lahren from Fox News, and activist Yeonmi Park. Additionally, Corey Lewendowski, a former Trump campaign manager, and two dozen other business owners will share their heartfelt messages about what the American flag means to them and its significance to our nation.

Other influential figures in politics, media and business that contributed a video on the billboard truck include:

  • Rebecca Black from R Black Makeup Line
  • Paul Della insurance agent
  • Mike Shipman insurance agent
  • Renee Vee founder of mighty minds academy
  • Chad Harris owner salty bottom boats
  • Francis Nunez realtor and content creator out of CA
  • Andy Arter  National Sales Director Team Hired
  • Ben Bucher Insurance agency owner
  • And many more……

The event will showcase these videos in front of Trump Tower, playing on a loop throughout the day. These messages emphasize the importance of standing united as Americans, regardless of background, color, or religion, under the American flag. The event will also include street interviews to raise awareness about the flag’s significance and the need to embrace unity against any anti-American ideologies or morally unjust actions.

“We’re bringing together people from all walks of life to stand underneath that flag united, as one nation under God,” Williams continued. “We hope this event will promote unity and remind everyone of the importance of standing together as fellow Americans.”

Take part in this Flag Day commemoration to celebrate the American flag and what it represents—freedom, unity, and the enduring spirit of the American people. 


About David Williams

David Williams is a successful entrepreneur who has lived the American dream. Overcoming severe health challenges and lifelong disability, he founded his first business from scratch, which grew exponentially, providing financial freedom and time for his family. Raised in a patriotic family with strong faith, David is dedicated to promoting unity and the values that define America.

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