Capturing Success: The Inspiring Journey of Liz Wadman Photography

A person’s journey towards success is often paved with challenges, determination, and a strong desire for independence. This narrative perfectly encapsulates the journey of Elizabeth “Liz” Wadman, founder of Liz Wadman Photography.

From Odd Jobs to Entrepreneurial Success

After college, Wadman tested the waters in several industries, working in radio stations, Starbucks, Target, daycares, and an oral surgeon’s office before becoming a preschool teacher in a local public school system. However, the monotony of a 9-5 job and a significant health scare propelled her to transform her photography hobby into a flourishing business.

Wadman’s venture into entrepreneurship was not a walk in the park. She faced the daunting task of setting up a business from scratch. Building her portfolio, creating a strong online presence, and drumming up a clientele were significant challenges. But with perseverance, Wadman overcame these hurdles, leveraging the power of social media and networking to expand her brand, Liz Wadman Photography.

Momentous Milestones: From Freelancer to Published Photographer

Wadman’s entrepreneurial journey is filled with memorable milestones. Her courage to step outside her comfort zone was rewarded when her photographs were published in esteemed publications such as OK! Magazine and InTouch Weekly. The joy of seeing her work recognized on such a platform was unparalleled. Her approach of ‘the worst they can say is no’ served her well, turning potential rejections into opportunities for success.

Liz Wadman Photography: A Celebration of Authenticity

At the heart of Wadman’s business lies a commitment to authenticity. Liz Wadman Photography stands out for its dedication to capturing people in their most authentic selves, shunning digital alterations in favor of genuine emotions and moments. Wadman’s diverse clientele, ranging from families to musicians, attests to her ability to adapt her style to different subjects. Her captivating work can be viewed on her Instagram page.

The Road Ahead: Expanding Horizons

The future of Liz Wadman Photography looks bright and promising. With plans to grow her business into a full-time venture, Liz aspires to merge her teaching background with her photographic expertise, potentially offering photography classes. She also dreams of becoming a touring photographer for bands, enabling her to combine her passion for music and photography.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Risk, Network, and Progress

Wadman’s entrepreneurial philosophy revolves around taking risks, networking, and continuous progress. These guiding principles have shaped her journey and achievements, leading her to encourage aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace potential rejection, be their biggest cheerleaders, and celebrate every step forward.

Despite the challenges of running a business, Wadman has not lost sight of the importance of a healthy work-life balance. She ensures that her commitments to her business do not compromise her quality time with her family.


Liz Wadman’s story is an inspiration to budding entrepreneurs, a shining example of turning passion into a profession. For those aspiring to carve their own path in the business world, Wadman’s journey serves as a testament to the endless possibilities that come with hard work, determination, and a dash of courage. For any inquiries, reach out to Liz at

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