Candace Ebhomielen-Uaboi: The Tech-Savvy Real Estate Developer Making Waves in West Africa

When it comes to real estate in Nigeria, a few names stand out as much as Candace Ebhomielen-Uaboi. The co-owner of Blue Dutch Fount Limited, Candace is a tech-savvy entrepreneur who is transforming the real estate landscape in West Africa with her innovative approach and deep industry knowledge.

Candace’s journey into real estate is as unique as it is inspiring. With a background in computer engineering from Benson Idahosa University, she brings a fresh perspective to the sector. “My love for designs and construction dates back to my childhood,” Candace reminisces. “After graduating, I found myself drawn to real estate, helping friends and family with their property projects. It was then I realized the vast opportunities and challenges in this field.”

Her transition from technology to real estate was seamless, leveraging her technical skills to enhance her approach to property development. Candace’s leadership at Blue Dutch Fount Limited has been marked by a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction. The company, originally established as a marketing firm in 2018, rebranded in 2022 to focus on development and sales, driven by Candace’s vision to create a seamless investment experience for clients.

“Brokering transactions showed us the gaps in the market,” Candace explains. “We saw the need for a more integrated approach that not only addresses these challenges but also adds value for investors. That’s why we decided to rebrand and expand our services.”

Under her leadership, Blue Dutch Fount Limited has completed numerous high-profile projects, including blocks of flats, bungalows, and terrace buildings. The company has also developed eight estate locations, providing quality housing and investment opportunities across Nigeria. Their success is a testament to Candace’s ability to merge technical expertise with practical real estate solutions.

Candace is not just a real estate developer; she is also a passionate philanthropist and avid football supporter. As a member of the Nigerian Football Supporters Club and the Sports Writers Association of Nigeria, she is actively involved in grassroots football development. “Supporting my community through football and other charitable activities is something I hold dear,” she says. “It’s about giving back and making a difference.”

Her multifaceted interests and commitment to excellence make Candace a standout figure in the real estate industry. With her at the helm, Blue Dutch Fount Limited is set to continue its upward trajectory, redefining real estate development in West Africa.

As the world evolves, Candace’s vision remains clear: to create an environment where investors can thrive, backed by innovative solutions and a steadfast commitment to customer satisfaction. “Our goal is to be the go-to company for real estate in Nigeria and beyond,” Candace affirms. “We are just getting started.

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