Bay Area Broker Empowers Clients To Create Generational Wealth Through Investing In Real Estate

Today we’d like to introduce you to Matthew Martinez.

It’s an honor to speak with you today. Why don’t you give us some details about you and your story. How did you get to where you are today?

My name is Matthew Martinez and I grew up in the charming city of Sonoma, California about an hour north of San Francisco.

My story in real estate started in 2009 as an excited first time home buyer. My realtor at the time noticed my passion for real estate and suggested that I start studying to get my license.

About a year later I was a licensed real estate agent! At that time the market was flooded with foreclosure and short sale properties and many agents were leaving the business.

Many people told me that I was crazy for wanting to begin my career in real estate but that didn’t stop me from continuing my journey. While learning to navigate the crazy real estate market, I focused on improving my real estate knowledge and business skills.

Today I’m a successful real estate broker and investment specialist with a growing team and client base.

I’m sure your success has not come easily. What challenges have you had to overcome along the way?

My path to success has been a very long and rough road. I’ve made more than my share of mistakes and experienced many setbacks along the way. I’m grateful for everything that I’ve experienced because it has helped mold me into the person I am today.

The challenges that I’ve faced have led me to focus on my personal development and help inspire others to do the same.

One of the biggest challenges I had to overcome was my battles with depression and believing in myself enough to know that I was worthy of being a successful entrepreneur.

Let’s talk about the work you do. What do you specialize in and why should someone work with you over the competition?

I’m a luxury and investment real estate broker and investor. I focus on helping my investor clients find under market value investment opportunities and have created a specialized program to help my clients create generating wealth through different real estate investment strategies.

I also specialize in helping my clients get top dollar with the least amount of stress possible when selling their home and help make the buying process as streamlined as possible when my clients are purchasing a new home.

People work with me over my competition because I make the buying and selling processes as stress free as possible for my clients. I focus on being authentic and consistently providing value to my clients and assist them in creating wealth through investing in real estate.

What’s your best piece of advice for readers who desire to find success in their life?

My best piece of advice for readers is to constantly challenge yourself and step outside of your comfort zone. As the saying goes, “If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.” Break out of your comfort zone and embrace the discomfort. Discomfort is a catalyst for growth and it pushes you to desire something more.

The secret to success lies in the very things you’re avoiding. Seek out discomfort and be deliberate about doing things that push your limits. Constantly challenging yourself can only make you stronger and more confident to reach higher levels in your personal and professional life.

Speaking of success, what does the word mean to you?

For me, success means ultimate freedom. Having the freedom to do what I want, when I want, where I want and with who I want. True success means that I can spend my time with my loved ones, enjoying and experiencing life.

What’s next for you?

Next, I’m going to continue to grow my businesses and positively impact as many people’s lives as possible.

Finally, how can people connect with you if they want to learn more?

Instagram: @thematthewmartinez

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