Bagups: The Easy, Eco-Friendly System Revolutionizing Trash Disposal

We all dislike taking out the trash. But for Air Force Captain Jack Licata, changing garbage bags was a particular frustration. As a Nuclear Missile Launch Officer working one admin day a month at the base, Jack loathed hauling out the trash when he finished his shift.

“It was inefficient – the bags were stored down the hall. It took too long,” he recalls. This inconvenience irked Jack so much that he finally asked himself: “Isn’t there a better way to do this?”

When no clever solution came to mind, Jack decided to invent one himself – a new system making changing trash bags easier. And so, Bagups was born.

Bagups – The Easier Way to Take Out the Trash

Jack dubbed his creation The Trash Bag Dispensing System.” Bagups simply drop into your existing kitchen garbage can. When trash day rolls around, just lift out the filled Bagups box with the trash bag inside. The next clean bag is already lined up and ready to fill. No more rooting around under the sink or air-fluffing open a new liner.

Bagups boxes contain around a month’s supply of bags. When you pull out the last bag, the lightweight box lifts out too. Just refill it with new bags from your next order and reset the Box into the garbage can. Each step of the process is intuitive and hassle-free.

Bagups also offers commercial sizes featuring sturdy “Made from Stone” bags. These innovative bags replace traditional plastic with stone byproduct material. Using them reduces significant carbon emissions.

By inventing Bagups, Jack created an easy system for taking out the trash. No more dreading change day! The Box drops in, fills up, and lifts out with no liners to flatten or cabinets to open. This efficient approach made an annoying task simple. It also set Jack towards revolutionizing sustainable waste disposal for homes and workplaces.

Improving Lives and the Planet

While designing an easier trash system, Jack also aimed to create a positive social and environmental impact. Bagup operations and supply chain make sustainability a priority.

The company employs U.S. veterans and people with disabilities for assembly, packing, and other roles. Providing meaningful work aligns with Jack’s military background. It also aids groups facing barriers to traditional employment.

Bagups bags utilize biodegradable materials as well, minimizing landfill waste. Direct postal delivery from their U.S. factory cuts carbon emissions from truck transportation. With no excess packaging or plastic fillers, their shipping methods also reduce unused waste.

For their commercial stone bags reducing 6.52 pounds of CO2 per 2.2 pounds of plastic replaced, Jack has earned the nickname “The Green Patriot.” Overall, Bagups Trash Solutions checks the boxes for environmental responsibility and ethics.

Recognition and Future Goals

Since its founding, Bagups has made waves as an eco-friendly industry innovator. Jack’s invention has won several new product awards and veteran entrepreneur competitions. The company also became an approved vendor for the Veterans Affairs hospital network.

With early success, Bagups now aims to expand its commercial collection. Future stone bag products will offer recycling bin liners, drop cloths, table covers, and other sizes. This versatility can displace single-use plastics across industries.

Jack also envisions strategic partnerships and licensing opportunities to grow Bagups’ market reach. “Our overarching Brand – Recircle Brands – will be a major force in environmentally responsible plastic solutions,” he shares.

Though it began by tackling an everyday annoyance, Bagups continues making waste disposal sustainable. Stay tuned as Jack’s invention further transforms consumer habits and reduces waste!

Reasons To “BagUp or Shut Up!”

When asked what wisdom he wants to impart, Jack insists: “Don’t die with your potential – if you have a great idea, take your shot!”

He encourages aspiring innovators to go for it even if they risk failure. “You will learn so much along the way that you never would have experienced otherwise,” Jack urges.

For consumers, he argues we vote with our dollars to support purpose-driven companies. There are compelling reasons to get behind the Bagups mission:

Ease An Everyday Hassle

Bagups simplify the tedious task of taking out the trash. No more replacing liners or getting grimy residues on your hands. Just lift out the lightweight box and move on with your day! Do Your Part For the Planet.

Americans throw away over 400 daily trash bags per second. But Bagup’s biodegradable materials and reduced emissions make small-scale waste disposal more eco-friendly. Supporting them over landfill-clogging plastic bags helps the environment.

Aid Vulnerable Populations

By employing veterans and people with disabilities, Bagups provides steady incomes. We can empower these marginalized groups through our daily choices.

Bagups remains driven by Jack’s vision: identify an inconvenience and develop ethical, sustainable solutions. The company’s progress is testing Jack’s motto of “BagUp or Shut Up!”

Will you join the trash revolution?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Jack and the Bagups team get many common questions from interested customers and journalists. Here are answers to the most frequently asked:

Why choose Bagups trash bags?

Bagups not only streamline the unpleasant chore of changing garbage bags but reduce landfill waste through biodegradable materials. Supporting our veteran and disabled workforce also sets them apart from traditional trash bag brands.

Do Bagups come in different sizes?

Yes! The standard Bagups kitchen box fits 13-gallon cans. Commercial stone bags also come in sizes fitting 25-gallon containers and larger. Bagups plans to expand its product sizing range soon as well.

How long does the trash bag supply in one Bagups box last?

Most Bagups kitchen boxes provide a month’s supply of trash bags at approximately 20-30 bags. Notify us if your household usage differs and we can provide a bag refill timeline customized for your trash output!

Does Bagups make recycling bags or other waste bin liners as well?

Not currently – but additional Bagups products like custom recycling bags, drop cloths, and table covers are under development! These will fulfill commercial needs while meeting Bagups’ sustainability standards.

Where can I buy Bagups?

Visit to order your Bagups kitchen starter kit today! Amazon availability also coming soon for easy subscription ordering.

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