Arlon Marambio explores new frontiers in the world of music

Published on: Mar 4, 2024

By: Carlos Camargo

Arlon Marambio is a genuine talent. His abilities as a prominent guitar player are extraordinary. He is quite a skilled guitar player with a solid command of advanced guitar techniques, including chords, arpeggios, picking, legato, bending, tapping, and others. He is undoubtedly a master in his area. Talent that he discovered from a very early age. His story is an amalgam of influences, dedication and constant search for excellence in sound art.

The beginning of his musical journey dates back to 2001, when he began his musical studies under the tutelage of classical guitar teacher César García in his hometown. There, Arlon immersed himself in the Venezuelan waltzes of composer Antonio Lauro, discovering the beauty and depth of classical music.

In 2003, he expanded his horizons by beginning to study electric guitar with Demian Mejicano, which sparked his love for rock. Inspired by artists such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and The Beatles, Arlon dedicated himself to intensely studying their styles and techniques.

Arlon is a genius in the art of guitar playing. They can express a wide range of emotions through their performance, using dynamics, rhythm, pitch, and other nuances to convey musical intent.

During his time in Mérida, where he studied hospitality and jazz theory, Arlon began to shape his first musical compositions under the guidance of Professor Johan Espinoza. This experience laid the foundation for his evolution as a composer.

In 2014, Arlon was accepted into the prestigious The Collective school in New York, where he specialized in jazz and other genres under the tutelage of world-renowned teachers.

The year 2015 marked the beginning of a significant collaboration with Jorge Spiteri and his band “Los Buitres” in Caracas. Jorge became his mentor and contributed to the development of his musical career, even collaborating on the song “When The Night Never Dies.”

During the following years, Arlon dedicated himself to recording his own compositions in both Caracas and Miami, while he continued to broaden his horizons studying Sound Engineering in Madrid.

Mention must be made of a new chapter in his career when he joined the reggae band “Rootstuff” in Madrid as a guitarist and backing vocalist, adding a new dimension to his musical experience.

Finally, in the year 2024, with Carlota Guillén as manager, Arlon released his long-awaited LP, a conceptual and instrumental album that marks the climax of his musical journey thus far.

Arlon Marambio continues to explore new frontiers in the world of music, fusing his passion for sound art with his fascination with the cosmos, creating a musical legacy that will endure over time.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. He specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound” and “Happiness Manager”.

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