Arbtrust Venture Celebrates One Year of Success in Miami and Looks to Expand Globally

Arbtrust Venture, the innovative quant fund that has disrupted the industry with its distinctive strategy and unprecedented liquidity, has just celebrated the first successful year of its Miami operations.

As the world of finance undergoes a profound transformation driven by the rapid development of the digital assets industry, the Miami quant fund celebrated the year 2023 with an exclusive private event where attendees had the opportunity to network and engage in insightful discussions led by industry leaders.

Bryan Caulkins, Co-Founder at Proxy Financial, addressed the audience on topics related to the current challenges the economy faces and the importance of the digital assets industry’s evolution.

Hendel Favarin, Forbes 30 Under 30, MIT Innovators Under 35, and co-founder of Conquer Business School, motivated the audience with discussions on how to develop the ability to adapt to the rapidly changing world we live in. “Those who seem to be knowledgeable and confident about something are often the most ignorant,” he said. “The experts are always humble and open to learning new things as they understand the world is continually evolving.”

Following the developments we have seen this year, Arbtrust continues to emphasize the importance of educating people and institutions about what digital assets bring to the table: decentralization, transparency, security, and speed. “We saw tons of institutions trying to fight cryptocurrencies,” said Tony Delgado, crypto expert and founder of Latino Wall Street. “It’s funny because the same institutions that were against it in 2017 are now embracing it.”

The event was attended by guests from all over the United States and South America, including investors, industry leaders, financial advisors, and family office managers. “It has been a pleasure to witness the disruption Arbtrust has been causing in the market with its strategy and customer service,” said Vladimir Pinas, former regional director at Santander Bank.

“As we continue to innovate and redefine industry standards,” said Gabriel Storck, partner at Arbtrust Venture, “we look forward to the years ahead, confident in our ability to provide unparalleled redemption times and offer our clients the ability to use their funds without the bureaucracy and long lock-ups the traditional market offers.”

Arbtrust is now looking to establish a second office in the United States and is targeting the European market as they work closely with regulators to launch their operations overseas in the next quarter.

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