Andrea Machado: An impressive career in the world of architecture


Published on: Mar 31, 2024 

By: Carlos Camargo

Andrea Machado Romero is passionate about architecture. She graduated in Architecture from the prestigious Rice University in Houston, Texas, where she earned an outstanding 3.8/4.0 GPA in May 2021. Machado has a short but successful career with a number of significant achievements. Below we highlight the five most important achievements of her career:

Design of the Plazas House in Collaboration with her Father (2019): Working on the design of the Plazas House with her father marked an important milestone in Andrea’s career. This project was not only her first physically constructed design, but also an opportunity to collaborate closely on the integration of architecture and sculpture, creating a unique space that reflects her creative vision and her ability to manage complex interactions between architectural elements and artistic.

American Institute of Architects (AIA) Houston On the Boards Design Award (2020): As part of the MC2 Architects team, Andrea contributed to the innovative design of a residential community in Houston that seeks to address social and environmental issues. This project not only received recognition for its design excellence, but also solidified Andrea’s belief in the power of architecture to create positive change in society and the environment.

Graduating from Rice University with Bachelors of Architecture (2021): After six years of rigorous study, Andrea graduated from Rice University with a degree in Architecture. During her time at university, she had the opportunity to study in Paris and excelled in the study of Art History, receiving prestigious awards that allowed her to participate in learning trips to Rome and Russia.

Work by Thomas Phifer and Partners at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw: For the past four years, Andrea has played a crucial role in the construction of the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw as part of the Thomas Phifer and Partners team. Her experience on this landmark project demonstrates her ability to work on projects of international scale and her dedication to excellence in architectural design.

Jury and Mentor Participation: Andrea has been recognized for her experience and knowledge in architecture, being invited to participate as a juror in student evaluations at several prestigious universities, including Cornell University, Rice University, and Syracuse University. Additionally, her commitment to mentoring is reflected in her participation in the Architecture League of New York’s mentoring program, where she has provided guidance and support to students seeking opportunities in the field of architecture.

Andrea Machado’s career is a testament to her passion, skill, enthusiasm, determination with excellence in architecture. . Her focus on innovation, sustainable design, and social impact positions her as a leader in the design community.



Carlos Camargo is a Venezuelan journalist with 40 years of experience. Specialized in Entertainment and Lifestyle. He is the author of the book “Happy and Unbound” and “Keys to achieving happiness”.

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