Ana Paula Valenzuela Shines in the World of Hispanic Music as a Tour Manager

By: Carlos Camargo

Paula Valenzuela is positioned as one of the best Tour Managers in Latin America. His experience in these fights is irrefutable. An empowered, determined woman with character, proactive and a fighter.

She is the architect of the logistics of the tours and concerts of the Mexican duo Jesse & Joy with whom she has toured the United States, South America and Spain.

His range of experience ranges from tour manager of Korean bands that perform on this side of the world. He has traveled through Chile, Colombia and Brazil. Some of the most recognized are Monsta X, Got 7, G-idle, Pentagon, among many others.

Ana Paula also had experience as part of the Ocesa team, and was in charge of the production of the largest festivals in Mexico, she also collaborated in the production of renowned artists such as Shakira, Marc Anthony, Rod Stewart, to name a few.

Ana Paula Valenzuela’s closest experience is taking charge of Rauw Alejandro’s tour in Mexico as part of the production in June and for the summer she will be on tour again with the duo Jesse & Joy with 30 dates in the United States.

Undoubtedly a successful woman who has also received important awards, including the Tacarigua de Oro USA and others of great international prestige.

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