7txxn: From Drumming in Church to Dominating the Airwaves

Springfield, IL – Hailing from the capital of Illinois, Shawn Keith Brooks II, known professionally as 7txxn, has been a force in the music industry since the tender age of five. This independent powerhouse, with a career spanning nearly a decade, has crafted a unique musical style that melds trap, rock, and country rap into a symphony of self-expression and authenticity.

From drumming alongside his father in church to executive producing and directing, 7txxn embodies the multifaceted spirit of the modern music artist. His inspirations, ranging from P Diddy to Quincy Jones, have shaped a sound that is as innovative as it is reflective of his personal journey.

7txxn’s collaborative spirit is evident in his work with a myriad of artists and producers, a process he describes as simply catching a vibe and recording it. This simplicity in creation belies the profound connections and experiences that influence his music, such as the unforgettable moment of shooting his recent single “Rockstar High” at his old high school.

His message to listeners is clear: be yourself, live your truths. As a man who considers himself the embodiment of hip-hop culture, 7txxn’s lyrics provide a raw and unfiltered look into his life and the trials he’s overcome. Building a solid team and aligning with like-minded individuals have been among his greatest challenges, yet he navigates the industry with a clear vision for his future.

The latest testament to his talent, “Rockstar High,” showcases 7txxn’s prowess not only as a performer but also as a producer, featuring collaborations with Yoshi Iamair and 2’Live Bre.

For 7txxn, music is not just a part of life; it’s a guiding force that has shaped his identity and spurred personal growth. With a daily routine grounded in prayer and a focused ambition, he remains a formidable competitor in the music scene.

While he teases that fans will have to wait to see what the future holds, one thing is certain: the “Rockstar High” tour is on the horizon, with tickets now available. Follow the journey of 7txxn on Spotify and join his vibrant community on Instagram to experience the evolution of an artist who’s truly in a league of his own.

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