3XNGØ: The Rising Star from North Carolina’s Rolling Hills to Musical Fame

A North Carolina scene unfolds with rolling hills that shine with a smiling charm. From this place emerges a musical luminary known as 3XNGØ. Beyond being a mere artist, 3XNGØ is a storyteller, a lyricist weaving tales waiting to be told.

Southern Comfort: With A Side of Humble

3XNGØ is a fusion of laid-back charm and vibrant, unrestricted energy. His casual demeanor lightly blankets his perspective of narrowly escaping the ordinary in his pursuit of exploring the unknown. “I tried to live a normal life, but I wasn’t getting any closer to where I want to be. I eventually realized I’m more comfortable making music than working a day job.” He shares. “At this point, it’s all or nothing “

Mix N Match: A Rubik’s Cube of Influences

3XNGØ draws inspiration from a mosaic of life experiences. Growing up with friends from diverse cultures, living independently, and spontaneous trips to major cities, his perspective is a kaleidoscope of uniqueness. “Leaving home younger than most people I know, forced me to figure it out on my own. That’s probably when I started looking at life as a never ending story.” he reflects.

3XNGØ’s music is a collision of sound and lyrics piercing through multiple realities. “I make songs that come from experiences I’ve had because… what else is there to talk about? All I know is what’s real to me, so I speak on that.”

Breaking Barriers: Traveling at the Speed of Sound

The interview takes an exciting turn as 3XNGØ shares a pivotal moment. Meeting DJ Cipha Sounds (co-host of JuanEpisLife with Peter Rosenberg) and Big Boy (Big Boy’s Neighborhood on REAL 92.3LA) at Rolling Loud LA 2023 altered his artistic journey. “I had a real talk with Cipha Sounds on the first day. Then I saw Big Boy, so when I was beside him, I let him know I want to be on his show and freestyle. I am who I am, and I believe it’s important to do stuff like that. For the culture and for me. I’m a lyrical/underground type with trap/party vibes, but I like a good freestyle too.”

Collaboration is also part of his creative process, and 3XNGØ says he’s open to the possibility. “Right now I’m trying to lock in potential collaborations, but nothing is guaranteed. I just want to stay focused and make the most out of the opportunities I find.”

Message in the Melody: Have a Nice Life

3XNGØ knows what it means to sacrifice. Yet he speaks with the confidence of a champion when thinking about his future. “I have always believed if you have the ambition to do it, no one can stop you.”

The road to musical stardom for 3XNGØ has been filled with obstacles. Reflecting on lost songs, a broken laptop, and stepping away from the studio shows his resilience throughout life. “I have survived dangerous situations because I trusted myself, so I hope my instincts will help me find success” he admits.

Hollywood Blvd: Walking Among the Stars

As we delve into 3XNGØ’s future plans, he expresses excitement about expanding his brand through merch, live shows, and social media. “My goals for this year include getting my name in the right conversations, continuing to improve, and somehow finding myself on tour.”

Intriguingly, he’s aiming for the moon: “I’m trying to make the list for the Carter 6. Who knows… maybe it’ll happen.”

Beyond the Beats: Building a Community

3XNGØ extends an invitation to music fans in the world through Grouped, a new platform where they can join his personal brand community for exclusive live streams, early access to information, and more.

As our conversation wraps up, 3XNGØ leaves us with a teaser about upcoming projects. “I’ve started releasing singles, but I’m more excited for the mixtape series I’m working on.”

Driven to Succeed: One Beat at a Time

In the evolving symphony of 3XNGØ’s life, each note resonates with authenticity, determination, and a commitment to creating music that transcends boundaries. As he navigates the intricate rhythms of the music industry, one can’t help but anticipate the crescendo of his journey—an odyssey that promises to be both unique and legendary.

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