The Story Of My Music Journey (From The Street)

My name is David Dauglas popularly known as Villa Cassh am from Ogu/Bolo  local government area rivers state. Born and raised up in Ogu before moving to port harcourt rivers state nigeria, I have always had love for music since I was a little boy, and I always listen to 2pac, biggie, 50cent, snoop dogg. They really inspired me in so many ways and also influenced my rap style, and I also try to relate what they talk about in their music to what is affecting us in africa, Nigeria especially and I believe music can help to change things in africa more especially the rural areas in Nigeria,that’s what I believe in. Recording as a teenager aren’t easy cox you need to look for money before recording,I mean most of these song we get in through a lot.i can say now that my sound has really improved because of my consistency recording over the years, Making good music is always my plan i released 5times 15th April 2021,the music describe my coming up from where I was to where I am now, trying to encourage the people out there not to give up and telling african kids you can get there.from the street Ep was a very big project for me, coming up as a kid I have always wanted to tell the street stories. All the songs in this extended play(EP) are basically from the street of port Harcourt Nigeria expressing how the poor people live, the slangs they speak and what they are really going through, encouraging them to be strong and always keep their heads up and the melodies of these songs are so amazing kindly listen, download and share.

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