Swedish Singer-Songwriter – Josefine charts a success story for herself as an incredible musical artist with constant hits.

Getting into artistic and creative industries indeed can get a daunting task. However, nothing can ever stop those who strongly believe in their dreams and wish to cross boundaries in the same. Though this sounds easier, the path can get quite challenging, but determined minds and souls always navigate a way through which they ultimately reach their definition of success, even in industries that shine bright with many talented beings and players. The music industry is one of them that makes sure to welcome all those talented individuals that can help take the industry to the next level. Hence, how could it stop high-performing talents like Josefine, who has show every quality of becoming the next big thing in the musical space with their musical expertise and prowess? The Swedish Songwriter’s  sense of music, mesmerizing sound and excellence in the pop music genre completely define who she is as a musical artist. 

With her latest hit ” BIKES ” she has certainly cemented her place as one of the top pop writing musical artists at her age . She has been responsible for hits like “Let It Go” and “Weekends” . Today, Josefine ensures she creates music that not just does excellently well on the charts, but most importantly in the hearts of the audiences, which is the motive with which she always works around the music she creates. Her music is often relatable to common listeners , While talking about her latest release Bikes , She says ” I have had this concept for the song stuck in my head for a while and I am so happy we finally decided to do something about it and finalize it the way we did. I wanted the production to mirror the story behind the lyrics and I think we did a good job to keep it fresh and relatable”.

Bikes marks her second release from her ep . She quotes ” What I can tell you is that I have a lot around the corner which I am super excited about! Collaborating with some really influential musicians makes it all so special and I cannot wait to share it “.  For a singer songwriter who writes and sings her own creatives , Josefine Plans to continue with her niche genre ” Pop Music” to which she adds ” Pop music has always fallen very naturally for me. I have must to thank my parents for playing all genres around the house growing up but different kinds of pop influences music for sure. I absolutely love all genres but pop is where I feel at home when singing and writing”.

The Popstar’s love for music has been increasing ever since she got into it . Her tracks are the epitome of endless nights of trying to find the perfect sound and lyrics.  Loved by her fans she plans to appear on live shows ” 100% will get out there as soon as it’s safe for me and my audience. I have live shows, potential tours and collaborations in the plans ” . We hope to see Josefine interacting with her fans as soon as possible . Her magical tunes is exactly we need to kick start our happy times after 1.8 months of pandemic . 

For such a young talented to to breakout within an industry of millions , She sure has earned her spot between the other highly streamed artists. However her journey hasn’t been as easy as you think . The Swedish Sensation has had her share of struggles but she conveys a positive message for everyone who are currently in the industry ” The quote I think really strikes me with this question is ‘You will be ultimately defined with the times you pick yourself up rather than the amount of times you fall down’. I think as musicians and songwriters. we are presenting the world ultimately with our emotion and art so it naturally encourages always to be in a vulnerable, intimate and open space. Constantly as society changes so do we adapt, reinvent and rebrand ourselves. I think the key is always feeling so strong about your music and its whole creation process that the individual components of its’ art are clear to see and not be afraid to go and go again whatever setback or challenges you face. ‘Don’t die with the music still left inside you’.  

We wish her the very best and hope she achieves all the success .

You can follow Josefine – Instagram 

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