Marquis Robinson: A New Way To Invest In Real Estate

In the world of real estate investing, there are many names that have come to prominence in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. One such name is Marquis Robinson, a new rising star in the Georgia real estate market. With a seven figure job company after only a couple of years in business, a course in real estate investing, and a new real estate investing software recently released, Robinson is changing the way many real estate investors work in and around the Atlanta area. 

From the tough lessons he has had to learn as a young boy growing up in a single parent household, Marquis developed the ability to be self educated and self motivated. In middle school and after, he was constantly getting in trouble for trying to sell toys, trading cards, and candy to kids at his school. Life as a young black kid in rural South Georgia wasn’t always easy for him. However, Marquis was not determined to be the sum of his surroundings and went on to state university where he studied business and history. After graduation, he used his education to work as a teacher for several years, bagging groceries on the side to save up for a better life in the future. Around this time, Marquis met with a cousin who worked in real estate as an agent. It was his conversation with her that sparked his interest in entering the market as an investor. Thinking through his options, Robinson said to himself, “being an agent sounds cool, but you only make 3%. As an investor, you make 97%.” These numbers worked out for him and the rest is history. 

With his new business goals in mind he knew that he needed to educate himself about his options. He began consuming as much education as he could on the subject, through mentors, books, courses, and investors. One of the biggest hurdles he’s had to face has been his approach to the definition of his business. Early on, after realizing how tough the market was, Robinson hired a coach to walk him through the nature of his business and his goals as an investor. Books that have taught him the most in his time as an investor have been the popular Rich Dad, Poor Dad series of books by the author Robert Kiyosaki, Richest man in Babylon, and the book Sell or Be Sold by Grant Cardone. All of these sources of education have been indispensable to his success as an investor and business owner.

Robinson wants to help those he meets in his network and through his investments to meet their own goals in life. Early on in his time as an investor, he had to let go of the mindset of scarcity and embrace the knowledge that his future was going to be what he made for himself. The life he had as a teacher wasn’t reaching the people educationally or the goals that he had financially or professionally. It’s this new mindset that has helped him break through the barriers of his environment and teach others that the only limits that exist in this world are the ones that we set for ourselves. 

To learn more about his course for potential real estate investors or to see the services his company Skyview Acquisitions provides, you can follow him on Instagram at Wealth_Forever.

You can also go directly to his company website at

Also, check out his course on real estate investing and see if this is the course for you in your next few steps as an entrepreneur at the Wholesale Mastery Course.

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