In an industry where inclusivity and representation are almost nonexistent, Misty Glam Company is breaking from the norm. Misty Glam Company, a fast-rising commercial modeling agency in Nigeria, is disrupting the African modeling industry as the first truly inclusive commercial modeling agency in Africa with a portfolio of models across diverse body types, ages, skin tones, and groups. In an industry where models have to look a certain way or conform to certain beauty standards before they can have a career, Misty Glam Company is on a mission to help everyday people actualize their modeling ambitions.

Misty Glam Company scouts and trains differently -abled models, including models with albinism, models with dwarfism, elderly models, petite models, plus-sized models, kid models, and other rare talents who do not necessarily have the stereotypical model physique. They then oversee their management, representation, and positioning for opportunities while ensuring that the models receive fair compensation.

Although many global brands, especially those in the fashion and beauty industries like Fenty Beauty and Savage Fenty, are now leading by example and ensuring greater representation in their choice of models for their brand commercials and communications, many brands in Africa have yet to include certain groups that make up a key segment of their target audience.

“Millions of people in Africa struggle with negative body image due to the media’s projection of what conventional beauty is, and Misty Glam Company was founded to correct the prevailing problems of unrealistic beauty standards in the beauty, advertising, and modeling industries.” It is ironic that the top African brands preach inclusivity and claim they want everyone, regardless of their skin color, body type, and appearance, to buy their products but yet refuse to use models who look like them in their ads. Who says a mother of four or a person with a physical disability cannot model for products they use every day? “Every time a person sees advertisements or commercials, we want them to see models who resemble them.”Misty Glam Company’s creative director, Owolabi Misturah Abisola, explains.

Misty Glam Company scouts, trains, manages, and provides models for TV commercials, brand shoots, marketing communication campaigns, product shoots, editorials, promotional campaigns, fashion campaigns, runway shows, brand photography, brand influencing, music videos, and more. Although it has been only one year since its establishment, models of the Misty Glam Company have already been featured in brand shoots by international companies such as OPPO, MTN, and LG. Misty Glam Company takes model bookings via Meta’s social media platforms—Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp—as well as on their website, The agency continues to wax strong as they scout, train, and represent the best modeling talents out of Africa.

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