“Entrepreneur Shifteh Maryan: A Name to Remember in the World of Jewelry Design”

Vienna-based visual artist and jewelry designer Shifteh Maryan is gaining international fame for her unique and luxurious jewelry collections. Having studied fine arts, she expanded her skills by obtaining certifications in fashion design, styling, color counseling, and interior design, all of which have contributed to her creative eye and her love for jewelry design.

Shifteh‘s jewelry line is known for its extravagance and magnificence. She personally selects gems from mines around the world and incorporates them into her unique designs. Her collections have been displayed in galleries and festivals in Vienna, Italy, Dubai, Switzerland, and Los Angeles.

In addition to her jewelry line, Shifteh also offers a collection for zirconia lovers. Her jewelry has been presented and sold at various events, including beauty pageant competitions, balls, and award ceremonies, and has been covered by press, media, and TV.

Shifteh‘s upcoming events include exhibits at two galleries in Vienna, the Cannes Film Festival, the “Dancer against Cancer” Summer Ball at the Hofburg in Vienna, and an award ceremony in Dubai.

Shifteh‘s philosophy is to “gain positive energy through the power of gems and stones, dream big, follow your visions, and let your creations bring joy to the world.” With her unique and glamorous jewelry designs, she is doing just that, bringing joy and beauty to admirers around the world.’

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