Christian Whitehead’s Journey to Building FinanciBull

FinanciBull is owned and operated by Christian Whitehead, who was born in Tampa, Florida. Christian launched FinanciBull in 2021, an organization focused on educating and assisting families with managing their finances. Additionally, Whitehead oversees operations and strategy for StarTek Workforce Solutions, StarTAK Fiber, and StarLink Construction Utilities.

FinanciBull was created by Christian Whitehead to help those who may not be financially educated grow their wealth and achieve financial freedom throughout their lives. Most companies feel entitled and don’t go out of their way to build a culture. This type of culture gives their employees no reason to stay and bring their best work forward. Employees of companies like these feel unimportant and easily replaceable. They instead create an atmosphere solely based on transactions and profitability. The culture of any successful business should be mission-driven, making each employee, contractor, intern, volunteer, etc., feel like they’re part of something bigger. FinanciBull’s mission is “No family left behind.”

One of the greatest challenges Christian and FinanciBull have faced is being a leader in a telecommunications industry full of older people who don’t take kindly to being taught by younger people. By undergoing these experiences, Christian evolved into a more mature and educated individual. Follow Christian Whitehead on Instagram here and check out the official FinanciBull website here.

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