Andrew Eaton: 3 Inspiring Questions And Answers For Network Marketers

Andrew Eaton, a South African entrepreneur and network marketer, has become a driving force in the industry, leaving a lasting impact on those he mentors. With his thriving global business under GS Partners, Andrew understands the importance of building relationships and providing value to others as the foundation of success in this industry.

As Andrew Eaton continues to inspire and empower individuals with his leadership and expertise, his invaluable advice serves as a guiding light for aspiring mentors and network marketers seeking to achieve extraordinary results.

In an exclusive interview, Andrew shared invaluable insights for aspiring mentors and network marketers alike.


Question #1: What are three pieces of advice you would give to a mentor on how to achieve massive success in the Network Marketing industry?

Answer: Do before you teach. In network marketing, you can’t teach people something that you yourself are not prepared to do or have done. Be humble and teachable. You may be successful in other areas of your life, but when it comes to network marketing we all start at the beginning and there are skills needed that are very specific to this profession in order to succeed. Most importantly, be authentic. People buy into you, so be real.


Question #2: What are three key qualities or skills that every Network Marketer should possess or develop?

Answer: Firstly, self-discipline is key. The commitment to stick to daily, sometimes mundane, income producing activities.Secondly, developing people skills and personal development. As the late Bob Proctor used to say over and over , ” For things to change, I need to change. For things to get better, I need to get better.” Lastly, listen more than you speak.


Question #3: What are three things you applied to stay motivated and continue to push boundaries in your industry?

Answer: I always tell people that the “Why” is more important than the “How”. When the going gets tough it’s your WHY or your purpose that pulls you through. So I am constantly focused on my WHY and constantly expanding on it. Money should never be your purpose. Money should simply be the result of achieving and living your purpose. I also do 20 minutes of personal development every day. I journal and read 10 pages of a personal development book every day. And every day I write down my goal for the month. This keeps me focused. The achievement of many small goals reached leads to the ultimate big goal being achieved over time.

Bonus Question: What three words that describe me.

Answer: Unstoppable, Unbreakable, Relentless


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